Welcome To,

Patience Corner Projects! This site is for documenting my hobbies and projects. If you have found yourself here looking for the SR20 Miata Kit, Sales have been moved to the main domain PatienceCorner.org

I have been running Patience Corner for a hand full of years now and through many different variations. It has served as a dedicated private file host so I could work on projects any where I went. It has served as two separate web forums over the years. A blog, a sales page, a gallery and so on.

Over the years I have been gaining more and more hobbies / interests. Joined countless forums, web rings, email groups, clubs ect. to further my knowledge in any one topic I have interest in.

It is with this thought I have chosen to make Patience Corner a landing area or “Home” to some of my projects for others to read about and follow along. I have never been very good at keeping up a blog, or updating the forums with progress. So this site will serve as the hub in doing so.